Why your company needs an augmented reality strategy

Visual technology has found a great place in various industries. While all industries can use augmented reality in their business plans, they require an appropriate augmented reality strategy. Finding the right AR strategy depends on the value you want to get out of the implementation of augmented reality.

How AR Creates Value

Augmented reality has been proven over and over again to be used in many ways in many industries. But the one notable thing about augmented reality strategy is that it can be applied in almost every step of the product cycle. Manufacturing industries can use it during prototyping, while the sales teams can use augmented reality to provide a much more immersive experience to the customers. Augmented reality shows its usefulness every step of the way, making it imperative to have the right AR strategy.

Augmented reality strategy and its capabilities

Keep abilities of a good augmented reality strategy are showcased in various features and functions.

1. Enhancing human decision making

The immersiveness of augmented reality serves not only the consumers but also the stakeholders with precision like never before. The augmented reality strategy allows the users to gain comprehensive knowledge about the product and its features in an easy-to-access manner. This lets them use the information that they need which is now available at the tip of their fingers, which would earlier require them to go through hundreds of documents.

2. AR-enhanced visualization

Augmented reality also enhances the level of visualization. Such a mesmerizing experience can be used to allow users to experience the product virtually and make the right concerned decision. Also, product interactability has become an important feature of the AR strategy. Using product interaction, users can interact with the product by changing the basic characteristics of the products as per their needs.

3. Augmented reality strategy instructs and guides employees

Augmented reality aided teaching has gained significant popularity in recent years. While AR-related teaching has been immensely useful in classrooms and schools, it has also proven instrumental in employee training. AR training has been particularly known to help learners instill skills and complicated knowledge much more easily than the traditional study modules. Furthermore, the AR strategy can be applied to help employees working on the manufacturing line receive instructions from industry experts and minimize human errors.

4. Product development with augmented reality strategy

Prototyping is the stage in manufacturing that involves discussion and innumerable changes that can be impractical to be done physically. A prime example of using AR solutions in manufacturing is the technology of spatial augmented reality that helps project images onto physical models of any desired product. This can greatly facilitate the process of prototyping and designing.

How can companies choose the right augmented reality strategy

Choosing the right strategy for your company comes down to a few foundational factors that determine the success of your AR plan.

1. The best augmented reality strategy has an open API

The best AR solutions require an open API which might include tools related to management or database. Hence, your AR solution must be able to interface with and share data with applications crucial to your company’s workflow.

2. Watch out for SDKs

A software development kit or SDK is essential to integrate digital content with videos or images of the real world. Tasks like AR tracking and even content rendering can be performed only with an AR strategy that has a robust and reliable SDK.

3. Hardware Compatibility

Your company, like most companies, would be accustomed to a varied range of devices that are used on a daily basis. Thus the ideal AR solution for your company should be compatible with different types of hardware and provide a seamless experience.

4. Ease of Use

Any AR strategy that your company employs needs to be easy to use. This reduces the task of training your employees while also reducing the time period of implementing the technology. You and your team can work comfortably and benefit appropriately from augmented reality only if the software used is easy to handle.

The right AR strategy can change your company’s future!

Strategizing keeping in mind the present and the future of any company proves crucial in deciding the company’s success. The changing landscape of augmented reality and eCommerce should be made full use of when the time is right. Platforms like HelloAR study your company’s requirements to provide you with the best AR strategy and the means to deploy it.

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