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Top 5 AR Solutions & Use Cases in 2022

The technology of augmented reality has made its splash in several sectors in the e-commerce industry. In this article, we explore the top 5 industries that have been innovatively benefitted from AR solutions. We also go through the various ways AR benefits the industries and their users.

Augmented reality or AR has taken the world by surprise with the various ways technology can be adopted in businesses. Almost every sector of business that we deal with daily can benefit from AR solutions in e-commerce and other industries. 

5 industry use cases of AR  

Here are the main pillar industries that have benefited the most and will continue to profit from AR technology. 

1. Medical

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the medical industry has used advanced technologies to reach inaccessible patients. Augmented reality has allowed the medical faculty to develop new treatments through visualizations. It has also helped nurses to find veins easily and even helped the pharma industry develop efficient drugs. It has also helped patients find defibrillators nearby to them in emergencies, assist surgeons in the operation theatres, etc. The list really is endless. 

2. Retail 

The retail industry benefits from AR technology in many different ways. Brands and sellers can utilize augmented reality to provide transparent information about the product to the users and form an honest bond between the brand and its customers. Thus AR can help you in tasks ranging from trying out wall paint, product visualization at home to facial recognition that help you shop with ease. At the same time, customers can inspect every feature of the product before buying it giving rise to 61% of consumers saying they prefer retailers with AR experiences. 

3. Automotive 

The use of augmented reality in the automotive industry is perhaps its biggest and most complex use. Automotive manufacturers and repair staff have thus started using AR headsets and even glasses to better understand their strategy with a car. AR technology has also found its use in the sales process in the automotive industry. Customers can now also take a look at each feature and detail of the desired car in exquisite focus. Furthermore, AR can help improve driving safety as it provides the driver with all the information they need to have a safe drive. Companies like Gigacars, and their immersive car images and videos made by HelloAR, enhance customer experience. 

4. Education 

With classrooms and all of the education shifting to studying from home during the pandemic, augmented reality has changed the world of education. Students can now use AR to visualize anything from the solar system to scientific procedures right onto a screen. Also, anatomic experiments that could earlier been done physically, can now be immensely visualized using AR. Add to this the ability of AR to transform a student’s environment can even facilitate the learning of historical events. 

5. Furnishings 

Home or office furnishings are another industry that reaps the various benefits of AR technology. With AR, customers can visualize how an item of furniture or product will look and fit in their desired space before buying it. This allows the users to make a fully informed purchase thus improving customer satisfaction and reducing the number of product returns by a whopping 50%.

AR solutions actually work!

Taking a look at the current trends of VR and VR in retail shows that these technologies are here to stay. The retail industry has been long benefiting from these technologies and now many other industries are also raking in. AR solutions like HelloAR can easily help you incorporate these technologies into your product and open doors to a new future.