The role of augmented reality home in furnishing companies

The advent of AR, VR, and 360-degree solutions is changing the way we buy and sell. The adoption of AR users in the US alone is estimated at 95.1 million and the companies have witnessed a jump in the conversion of up to conversion rates by up to 50%. Among the many companies desperate to try out AR, the role of augmented reality home in furnishing and decor companies is simply remarkable.

How augmented reality home technologies can help furnishing companies sell more

Furnishing and decor companies all over the world are opening their doors to augmented reality home tech and converting their ROI by over 2x!

  1. Try before you buy

    Augmented reality home helps furniture brands showcase their home office and work-from-home solutions. Before buying a home office setup, a lot of people are concerned about the size and aesthetics of the furniture. They need to be sure that it will complement their interiors and fit in the designated area. With augmented reality home, AR allows customers to put real-life-size products in their own spaces with a single click of a button. This helped in increased confidence in customers. Hence, the customers can now make quick decisions and the company sees much fewer product returns.

  2. Product customization in augmented reality home

    Have you ever bought a wardrobe? The concerns of any wardrobe buyer, for example, would be the material used, the number of shelves, and what hardware or hangers are in the wardrobe- quite basically, the customer would look for the configurations. With product configuration, a customer can choose all these variables as per their need and tailor-make the product. Thus, the company can list down all the possibilities, and permutation & combinations of your products, and let users select and build the product they need in just a few clicks. Most importantly, they can get instant quotations for the products configured.

  3. Product configuration for augmented reality home companies

    It helps businesses see their preferred product configuration in real-time. These preferences can range from sizes, colors, materials, and so forth and so on. Moreover, customers can access information that is crucial to them, such as the price of the product, instant quotations, any warranties, etc, with the click of a button. Basically, the sales process eventually gets closed fairly quickly as the bills of materials are also generated in real-time.

  4. Computer vision lets a phone be a measuring device

    Various augmented reality apps for home furnishings also allow users to measure the furniture. All the customer has to do, is point the app toward a piece of furniture and the app gives you an accurate measurement of the furniture. This also helps the users understand, for example, whether an item of furniture will fit through a door, or if it will fit across a wall in a room.

The holy grail for furnishing companies!

While augmented reality home is a tempting technology, companies are left wondering how to start. Platforms like HelloAR offers this technology for all your products in a minimum amount of time. With the assistance of HelloAR’s expertise, transforming your customer experience in this mind-blowing world of visual technologies is but a few clicks away.