The Changing landscape of Enterprise sales solution with 3d & AR

Immersive technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and three-dimensional images & videos have made their mark in the enterprise industry. Incorporating these technologies in the enterprise sales solution has resulted in unbelievable turnovers & reduced sales timelines.

How to improve your sales with AR and 3D 

With the change in visual technologies, we see a transformation in services that B2B sales can provide. Here are some of the many ways AR and 3D can improve your sales. 

1. Creation of dynamic sales presentation 

The primary use of augmented reality tools is to allow customers to interact with the products in the most engaging way possible. Hence, 42% of companies are now using AR and 3D to improve interactions between customers and supplier products. Creating a sales presentation using AR as an enterprise sales solution gives a bird’s eye view of every single component of the product. Thus, incorporating the product itself into any business deal in a meeting room, helps your customers make the right decision with all the necessary information. 

2. Digital Catalog

In the world of visual e-commerce images and videos are the optimal way of communicating one’s product so much so that about 65% of the customers want product information via AR. Creating a digital catalog allows the customer to take a look at all your products together in minute detail and along with the necessary information. Digital catalogs have been known to improve customer confidence in the supplier, thus increasing the chance of a successful sale. Furthermore, virtual catalogs can be used by all enterprises as a form of virtually transcribing long documents into images and excerpts that are easily understandable. 

3. Product configuration

3D and AR in retail and enterprise industries have also given way to visualizations like never before. Using this technology in the manufacturing process as well as during sales has eased both these processes by many folds. 76% of B2B buyers now expect more personalized attention from solution providers based on their specific needs in sales. AR and 3D as an enterprise sales solution help the customer contribute to the design of the product thus providing custom-made solutions.

4. CPQ and Invoice Generation in Real-Time 

CPQ or configure, price, and quote-related tools combined with real-time invoice generation are possible only with the right product configurators. Such tools help the supplier expand the catalog and receive quotation requests directly from the management systems. This not only increases opportunities for sales but also streamlines the process of bringing in new businesses. 

5. AR is useful in post-sales support 

The usefulness of augmented reality as an enterprise sales solution is not limited to just the sale of products but also in providing support after the sale is done. With the right AR tool, the supplier can be on track with providing the appropriate warranties, upgrades while also tending to any customer inquiries and doing the required troubleshooting. This has the long-term benefit of solidifying the equation between the customer and the supplier while improving customer loyalty. 

How to choose the right 3D & AR platform 

Knowing the right AR solution is the one main key towards implementing the various enterprise sales solutions that augmented reality and 3D have for you. 

1. Customizable API  

The best AR solutions are able to interface with other programs and systems with ease. Open API allows the supplier to automate certain processes like the generation of 3D models and the application into the appropriate web pages. Hence a customizable API can be a game-changer and is a necessity in AR solutions. 

2. Improved customer experiences 

The right enterprise sales solution is able to interact with e-commerce platforms and major web browsers. Such domains are necessary to allow the supplier to expand their sales opportunities while also proving to be accessible to their target audience. 

3. Custom solutions 

Real-time incorporation of iterations and changes requested by the customer makes it possible to produce custom-made solutions. This provides the best customer satisfaction and experience to the customers as they get exactly what they need. 

4. Generate real-time quotations 

Your 3D and AR solution needs to have a good CPQ tool to allow the generation of real-time quotations. Your enterprise sales solution can also have an advanced pricing system which has a provision to add necessary details like the markup price. It also has a simple price or even add more advanced pricing rules depending on customisable features of the product. 

Benefits of Using AR & 3D Solutions for Enterprises 

Now that we know all the necessary uses of AR and 3D as enterprise sales solutions, here are the key benefits that a B2B sales supplier can enjoy. 

1. Increased sales 

AR and 3D in B2B sales ease the process of making various adjustments in the prototypes as per one’s requirements. This reduces the amount of time and effort wasted in producing a physical prototype over and over again. Similarly, the real-time changes made as per the customer requirement efficiently satisfy them, thus improving sales and turnover rate.  

2. Reduced sales cycle 

The customizability of augmented reality and 3D solutions allows the customer to equally participate in the design process. This also allows ease of managing requests made by the customer for any changes as input can be digitally sent in real-time to the concerned supplier. This makes the feedback chain much smoother thus reducing the time spent in iterations and feedback. 

3. Better trust 

The use of customizability and a proven increase in sales instills a sense of trust between the supplier and the customer. With the incorporation of inputs in real-time, AR in sales creates a balance between the expectation of the customer and the limitations of the supplier. Thus maintaining a sense of awareness between the two parties. 

4. Better data visualization

With augmented reality, data can be visualized on a bigger picture. Ground zero level analytics can be easily compared to each other to form a strong foundation for more technical data. Various visual aids like graphs and pie charts to segregate the data can be much more efficiently used with augmented reality. 

A new answer to all your enterprise sales-related problems

Enterprise sales solutions are changing rapidly as technologies get more and more innovative. The incorporation of AR and 3D in sales has also opened the industry to new ways of improving the sales process. Hence, this ever-changing era of newer technologies, choosing the right platform like HelloAR can prove to be your best foot forward into this transformative world. 

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