The benefits of automotive AR solution

This article explores the best AR solution offered to the automotive industry by the changing world of visual e-commerce. May it be reducing the necessity for a physical test drive or the improved accessibility of car prototypes, AR shows its usability in all aspects.

Visual technologies and their role in different sectors of businesses have been a driving factor of constant change and innovation. In this article, we will focus on the transformative changes the automotive industry has gone through and is continuing to witness with augmented reality or AR solution.

How will AR solution change the automotive industry?

The automotive industry depends heavily on factors that influence manufacturing and the customers that are the drivers. The following use cases showcase how both these populations will be affected thanks to augmented reality solutions. 

1. The incoming of digital Car showrooms

Examining a new car can now be as easy in a digital car showroom as in a physical showroom. Augmented reality can now also enrich the interaction between a new car and a potential customer. For example, Porsche’s ‘mission e-augmented reality’ app has used this AR solution in a very creative way to excite the process of viewing a new car. 

2. Move past test driving with augmented reality 

Test driving is a very integral part of the process of buying a car but AR and VR have made their mark in this aspect too. For example, Audi dealerships have introduced their customers with the Oculus VR headset, equipped with intuition motion control to allow the users to “drive” the car from the showroom itself. The usage of virtual test drives is further motivated as 64% of customers prefer to complete the entire process of buying a personal vehicle virtually.   

3. AR solution for Used cars 

The used car industry can majorly benefit from AR solutions for almost every aspect of their sales. Generating immersive images and videos of used cars is possible with AR, enabling the sellers to present the most engaging product pages for their customers. Moreover, features like the Hotspot feature by HelloAR are helpful in clearly communicating special features and defects, if any, to the customers and improving brand trust.  

4. Reduced time and cost of prototyping

Prototyping is the stage in car manufacturing that involves discussion and innumerable changes that can be impractical physically. A prime example of using AR solutions in car manufacturing is in the technology of spatial AR that helps project images onto physical models of cars. Thus, this can greatly facilitate the process of prototyping and designing. 

5. Easy car assembly using AR solutions

Optimizing the assembly process in car manufacturing takes care of all human errors involved in understanding technical documents. Solutions that can efficiently display necessary information in the form of instructions, images, and videos displayed on the screen. This screen could be of AR smart glasses which not only makes the whole process more comfortable but also improve speed. 

6. Better driver safety with AR solution

Studies show that most of the car accidents that occur could easily be avoided if the driver was not distracted by GPS navigation systems. An AR solution can provide information like the right turn to take at other navigation signals and even distance left before the next turn, etc on the windshield of the car. The data displayed on the windshield could also be monitored and controlled as per the user’s preference. 

7. Car manuals on the go

Car manuals can be interactive with AR solutions that can greatly help in cases of car-related issues. Such augmented reality manuals also contain step-by-step instructions and even video tutorials to guide the user. Thus a user can perform basic car maintenance tasks independently using AR solutions. 

The potential of AR solution in the automotive industry 

Augmented reality has been long used in industries and has found a very important place in the automotive industry. This is mainly because of the ability of a solution to combine the needs of its users with the various technological advances available. 

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