Code Sustain – 360° Photo Catalog

Codesustain is a curated marketplace for marginal artisans, Nano producers and NGO’s. Their aim is to build an ethical and sustainable ecosystem for their customers. They try to create an ethical balance between consumerism and sustainability of resources, while leading the artisan’s community to a higher quality of life by helping with getting the artisans children proper access to education and enjoy full opportunity and fair remunerations to the artisans.

With the help of HelloAR platform , Codesustain automatically create 360° experience of their products.

Here is the Codesustain experience in 360

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HelloAR is an amazing platform. HelloAR’s 3D images have aced up our ecommerce & engagement game. Also, the team is very helpful and nice.

Aishwarya, Head of marketing, Code Sustain