Product Photography: How to create seamless and stunning 360° product visuals with HelloAR? (Using DSLR)

HelloAR technology is designed to work on an intuitive and efficient do-it-yourself model. Sellers can easily create their own seamless, interactive product visuals with the help of HelloAR platform and apps while enjoying complete control over the product presentation.

If you wish to use HelloAR mobile application for product photography click here.

In order to make the best use of the 360° product viewer, there are a few items that you will require, such as

Follow the below steps to capture 360° visuals with HelloAR

  • Set up your Studio and Turntable and place a sun-board on the centre of the turntable.

Place the product on the turntable.

  • Make sure the centre of the turntable, the sun-board and the product are aligned.

Set up a tripod stand with a camera and make sure it is in front of the product.

  • Adjust the height to match that with the line of the product.

Set your camera shutter speed, ISO, Exposure and Focus.

  • These settings are not fixed and vary for different models of the camera, the speed of the turntable and environment lighting.

  • Once the ideal setting is acquired, using Continuous shoot mode in your camera, capture the product visuals. We advise taking 72(every 5°) or 36(every 10°) or 24 images(every 15°).

  • Save the above settings and click on ‘Add New Product’.

  • Select ‘Add 360 Image’.

  • Fill in the product details and click Continue

  • Tap on Add Visuals

  • Now Drag and Drop the images captured.

Once the images are uploaded, a preview of 360 spin of your product is available.
Note : In case you observe 360 spin in anti-clockwise direction, sort the images in your folder in descending order and upload the images again.

  • Click confirm

  • Click on Publish and a stunning 360 spin of your product is ready.

  • Click on View Live to view a 360 spin of your product.

  • Tap on generate video for a 360 spin video of your product as shown.

  • Tap on Generate Amazon Zip to download .zip file for integration on Amazon

Now you can embed these images on any platform of your preference. These include your website and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram as well as eCommerce portals such as Amazon, Shopify and Woocommerce.

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Approximate cost for setup :

The above approximate cost is in accordance with product size ranging from 5-25 inches.

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