Integration: How to setup 360° visuals on amazon

Today an online customer can see 2D images, videos of products and customer review images. No matter how great the pictures are, shopping on Amazon is not like having the product in your hands.

With the help of 360°spin images solution, we can bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds by enabling customers to interact with products in a more direct way. Customers get to see the products from all angles and as well as view them in the real world.

Amazon now provides sellers/vendors with the ability to showcase the products in 360°

HelloAR empowers sellers to upload the spin images to Amazon in a super easy way. We make sure you follow all the amazon guidelines.

Here is quick tutorial on how to upload spin images on Amazon

1) Use HelloAR app and technology to create 360° spin product visuals.

If you already have 3D models of your product, follow these instructions

If you rely on photography, follow these instructions

2) Log in to your HelloAR web app:

3) Go to your product details page

4) Click on Generate Amazon Zip

5) .Zip will be generated in 1 to 2 mins

6) Download the zip file

7) Reach out to your category manager to enable 360 spin images

8) Upload the .zip to your product listing

For any assistance regarding this procedure, please reach out to us on

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