Features plus 4 whitelabel augmented reality software list

For elevating the customer experience, it is essential to offer augmented reality solutions. AR solutions have proved to be the gamechanger winning edge for the companies employing them. A recent survey points out that with the use of AR, companies have increased their engagement by 90%. Hence, many enterprise solutions and marketplaces are on the lookout for augmented reality software. And, hence we’ve compiled a list of the best white label augmented reality software for you. In this article, we understand what makes white-label software the best and go through the top Whitelabel augmented reality software list.

What features should you look out for while selecting a Whitelabel AR software?

Keeping agility, cloud storage, and good customer service constant, here are the top three features to definitely look out for in the AR software.

  1. A good webAR engine

Easy customizability is what makes a good webAR engine. Users should be able to use the software with great flexibility while allowing efficient model scaling. Software based on the ARcore software with easy motion tracking is essential to create the best AR experience.

  1. Easy categorization of modules

In the creation of various AR models, it is essential to categorize them appropriately and in the most efficient way possible. A good white label AR software should have an inbuilt QR code generator to identify each module accurately. Moreover, the ability to create unique web links for each module could be a great feature for white label software.

  1. Accessible user interface

Another important feature of a good white label software is a centralized dashboard. This not only allows the user to organize their models correctly but also can reduce the hassle of losing essential modules. Also, such software must support 3D file formats such as GLB and USDZ for global usability.

Top Whitelabel augmented reality software list

Now that we know the main features that are important, here are five top white-label augmented reality software to choose from:

  1. HelloAR

HelloAR is an AI-driven platform that serves as a one-stop solution to create an immersive, interactive, AR, and VR visual catalog in minutes. You can integrate the software in a few simple steps and get started within minutes. HelloAR also allows you to either install code, use an API, or opt for an SDK integration.

  1. Oculavis SHARE

This top Whitelabel augmented reality software list contender works seamlessly with 3D objects leading to top-class content creation that is highly customizable. With its cross-device publishing, sharing content becomes a much easier task no matter what device you use for AR model creation.

  1. Kiber 3

Kiber3 is a head-mounted display that has property software integrated into it for remote collaboration. This not only allows easy consultation and real-time sharing of information and data but also improves user interaction through Augmented Reality technology tools. Moreover, Kiber3 allows remote workers to conduct rapid diagnosis, inspection, operation as well as and management of assets.

  1. Viewit3d

Viewit3d drives sales while reducing product returns with 3D and augmented reality product visualization that helps customers buy a product after making an informed decision.

Are you looking for the best white label augmented reality software?

Choosing the best augmented reality software boils down to understanding the needs of your product and having the right AR strategy. In essence, it is fairly simple to adopt AR solutions technologically. With whitelabel augmented reality software like HelloAR, it becomes even easier to implement AR solutions in the most time-efficient and hassle-free manner.

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