Damage tagging to 2x your car sales!

This article shows what exactly is damage tagging and how it can benefit any company that uses this feature. Furthermore, we talk about the various industries that can use this feature to double their sales.

Imagine buying an expensive car that you always wanted, only to find out that it has damaged parts and scratches on it. You would obviously feel cheated and would never buy anything again from that seller. Damage tagging is the one feature that can

Damage tagging is an automated feature that dealers and sellers can use to communicate the presence of any defects on a car. This usually works when you are looking to buy a car online and any defects are tagged on the car for your information. This makes sure that the customer has full knowledge about the car’s qualities and defects, thus improving the trust factor. 

How damage tagging helps businesses?

Now that we know what this feature exactly is, here are a few benefits that businesses get from using this feature. 

1. Instil buyer confidence

Damage tagging makes sure that the customer knows everything about the car. Buying a car, either new or old, is an expensive affair. Thus it is only natural for a customer to hesitate in spending such an amount. But knowing the ins and outs of the car can instil confidence in the customer, increasing the chances of a sale. 

2. Better customer satisfaction

Confidence in buying what the customer needs eventually leads to better satisfaction. Furthermore, since the customer now has thorough knowledge about the car, there are lower chances of receiving customer complaints after the sale. 

3. Improved trust in the seller

Efficient use of this feature improves the level of transparency of information given to the customer. This helps the customer trust the seller and improves the customer-seller relationship in the long term. 

Who can benefit from damage tagging services? 

Damage tagging is a feature that can be used by a variety of businesses that sell automobiles. 

1. Used car sellers

This feature helps used cars-selling businesses the most. This feature can usually influence the amount of trust and transparency a seller can instill in their customer. Moreover, with better customer satisfaction and an improved image of the brand, it can build long-term customer loyalty. 

2. Car rental services

Car rental services that use damage tagging features have reported several benefits. When the customer knows about all the damages to the rented car, it improves customer satisfaction leading to a higher retention rate. Also, a video explaining the various damages that a car might have also reduces overall operational costs. 

3. Insurance companies

Knowing the defects and damages in a car is essential for any car insurance company. It has been shown to reduce 80% of fraud cases in the insurance world. Also, automated damage tagging significantly increases the speed of the insurance process. 

4. Auctioneers

Car auctions can also benefit from this feature. Online options can especially use videos to point out the damages to a car to its customer. 

How HelloAR simplifies Damage tagging 

HelloAR introduced this feature to improve the overall look of 360 car images irrespective of any business. Implementing the feature takes only a few minutes and the least amount of effort on the seller’s part. Thus providing a time-efficient and a very cost-productive way to incorporate this very useful feature. 

Improve customer loyalty with damage tagging

Trust and transparency are two important factors that influence the customer-seller relationship and the brand image in the long run. Key features like damage tagging can go a long way in easily improving the factors while still being within company budgets.