Create 360 Car Views & Automate Background Removal

In this article, we understand what is background removal and how used car brands can greatly benefit by improving their 360 car views. Here, we also explore how one can easily automate background removal within a few clicks. Are you still confused if your brand images need background removal? Read on to find out if these services are right for you.

The visual experience provided by car dealers depends on many different factors. But the first thing a customer looks at while looking for a car to buy is the pictures they see. These images are the first impression of the car on the customer. Hence it is essential to make sure that these 360 car views are professional and cohesive to instill a sense of trust in the customers. 

What is background removal for 360 car views?

Simply put, background removal of images is a process of isolating the subject of your picture and removing the rest of the image clean. This allows your product, the subject of the picture, to be in focus and free of any other distractions. This also gives your 360 car views a crisp and professional feel that attracts customers to the image. 

How to Automatically Remove Photo Backgrounds in Seconds With AI

Here’s a quick step-by-step method to automatically remove background in images. 

  1. Choose the image that you need to remove the background of.

  2. Upload the image in an automatic background remover application. You can contact HelloAR for their services. 

  3. Wait for the AI to process your 360 car view. 

  4. Download your image with a clear background. 

Why automate background removal in 360 car views? 

Background removal in car images has many benefits. Here are some reasons to remove the background from your 360 car views. 

1. Improved presentation

Providing images with a white background or a templated background improves the presentation quality of your car. Haphazard background can adversely affect your customer’s reaction towards the car. Clean images automatically improve your sales proposition thus, in turn, improving turnover. 

2. Cohesiveness of images

Imagine surfing through a website, intending to make an all-important purchase of buying a car, and seeing images that look like they belong on different platforms altogether. This can give rise to a suspicion that the 360 car views might not be authentic after all. Ensuring a professional background in all images across your website presents a feel of cohesiveness. 

3. Gain a standard library of 360 car views

Having a collection of clean and standard images of your car products is essential in this digital media-savvy world. These images are useful anywhere on any platform or on any social media channel.  Deliver the same class experience to your customers while retaining your brand reputation. 

4. Improved speed & Scale Faster

Automating the background removal process helps you gain all the benefits of standard images without wasting any time. The automation of this process greatly saves time spent in editing images used for both advertising and for sales purposes. 

5. Improved trust 

Providing 360 car views that have finesse to them and which also appear cohesive to each other, improves brand trust. Images with cluttered backgrounds can instill a sense of distrust. Brands can avoid this with automatic background removal of car images which provides authenticity to your images. 

Why should used car dealers find an end to end image catalog service? 

360 car views

Used Car dealers are required to outsource the image catalog services for increased conversions, greater engagement, and lower returns. 

1. Professional 360 car views editing at scale

Outsourcing background removal to an AI-driven SaaS Software company allows a professional team to work their magic on your images and make them look classy and cohesive at speed. Software like HelloAR could help you remove backgrounds, add shadows, and also add different studio-level templates in bulk

2. To create instant 360 degree walk around images

According to research, 56% of auto shoppers could be convinced to buy a car from a 360° walk around without having to test drive the vehicle. It is important to find a service provider with a 360-degree solution. SaaS software, in general, allows you to click hundreds of images within a few seconds and generate 360-degree video in minutes. 

3. For Damage Tagging & To Avoid Errors 

This new AI-driven software embeds in your server. In general, it pulls the individual car data to help photographers check the car details in real-time, The software also allows to highlight damage tagging while shooting images. This helps reduce errors in documenting car details correctly. Along with this, it results in reduced car returns. 

4. For Speed and Seamless User Experience

The cloud servers help you click, store and download thousands of images in seconds. And the focus that car dealers would put on image editing could now be used in other more important tasks. Running a successful business is all about thinking in the right direction without getting distracted. And tasks like background removal in images, though useful, can be outsourced.

5. Improve the overall feel of the website

Outsourcing tasks like background removal images allow all the images to have a cohesive feel. The images then can be chosen to have a clean white or black background or even a common background for all the images. This improves the look of the website as a whole and drives the authenticity factor up. 

How to know if outsourced background removal services are right for your 360 car views

Tasks like background removal are important but other priorities tend to take over them. But how do you know if outsourcing background removal is what your company needs?

1. Image shoot and editing is costly and time taking

Thanks like image editing might not be your priority as compared to other productive tasks that take up your time. Outsourcing background removal makes the most sense to get the job done. 

2. Focusing on business growth leaves you with no time

As a business no matter what you deal in increasing your sales and turnover is bound to be your priority. Thus it is understandable that image editing like removing the background of an image finds itself lost from your schedule. Hence outsourcing the same task can greatly help

3. Tight deadlines disallow 360 car views editing

Almost all business-related tasks come with a deadline. However, minor tasks like image editing might show great benefits but do not have a deadline. Thus other priorities win over 360 car views image editing, making it imperative to outsource it. 

4. Other deliverables vs background removal

In the world of business, each deliverable competes with the other for priority, budget, and time. In this race, background removal tasks may be left behind. Outsourcing background removal services make sure that you focus on the deliverables that matter while still getting the job done. 

USPs of HelloAR’s background removal service

Background removal services provided by HelloAR are exactly what your car images need to stand out from the crowd.

1. Easy Integration

Clean images provided by HelloAR can be easily integrated into your website. A single line of code or an embed code provided by us is all you need to seamlessly integrate the images your products need.

2. Speedy processing of 360 car views

The automated process of background removal provides you with consistent and professional images within only a few clicks and a quick turnover.

3. Cost-effective

Outsourcing background removal services is much more cost-effective than doing it in-house. This is especially true in the case of bulk images and can eventually save car dealers a ton of money.

4. Real-time image enhancement

With HelloAR’s background removal services, you can enhance your 360 car views images in real-time as per your need. 

5. Flexible

You can even revert process images to their original background whenever you need them as per your requirement. 

Transform your 2D 360 car views

Removing the background from your car images in theory might seem like a minor change but it makes a whole lot of difference to the customer. Looking at clean, clear images of the car product that they want to buy, needs them to feel a level of trust and respect for your brand. And professional and consistent images can do just that.