7 Mindblowing Augmented Reality Ideas for 2024

Augmented reality has been gaining significant traction. Many companies across domains have already adopted the AR wave and seen exponential returns on sales & conversions. With this article, we help you focus better on how and why augmented reality ideas can significantly improve your conversions.

AR Adoption Statistics

The number of augmented reality users has increased from 0.5 billion in 2017 to a gigantic 2.2 billion in 2022. The growth is insane and expected to double in recent years.

This inevitable growth is primarily because AR has proven to improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer complaints by large margins. Some companies claim to have seen an almost 250% increase in sales and conversions.

Top 7 Augmented Reality Ideas for 2022-23

Here are 7 augmented reality ideas that are set to transform the marketplaces as we know it. In this article, we take a look at automotive, home furniture & furnishing, Fashion & beauty, art & art galleries, sanitaryware, healthcare, and NFTs.

1. Augmented reality ideas for the automotive industry

The automotive industry can employ augmented reality ideas in various ways ranging from the manufacturing process to the sales strategy. Visualizing prospective automotive features can be easily done during the manufacturing phase using augmented reality. Moreover, the various features of a car can be inspected by customers using AR and VR technologies without having to physically visit the store. Customers can also do a test drive from the comfort of their homes.

The industry of used cars is also employing AR VR technology rapidly. Lifelike imagery, 360 views of a car, and the ability to view the used car in a real-time setting are instrumental in proving the quality of a used car to a customer. For example, Gigacars used HelloAR’s expertise to design interactive car videos to help customers engage with their brand better.

2. Augmented Reality in Home Furnishing & Furniture

Furniture & Furnishings need a high degree of personalization. Customers need to see and visualize how these will complement their spaces. Augmented reality enables customers to visualize lifelike products, in their spaces virtually. This increases the buying confidence and satisfaction of customers. Furniture giants like Featherlite and Wakefit are doing a commendable job with AR in the Indian setting.

3. Immersive AR in art & art galleries

Art is no longer limited to art galleries thanks to the technology of AR and VR. You can now visualize any painting, sculpture, or any other form of art on the walls of your home or offices or any space that you want to decorate. Terrain Art has made the best use of this technology using HelloAR’s AR expertise.

4. Augmented reality ideas for fashion and beauty

The industries of fashion and beauty have long required the physical presence of the customer to try on the product and choose the product for themselves. With the introduction of AR and VR, customers can now try on the products without having to go to the physical store and thus try the products wherever they want.

5. AR in Sanitaryware

Here we are taking a very specific B2B case scenario. Even industry like sanitaryware is empowering their B2B sales by helping customers see all the products virtually. Basically, customers feel as if they are in a physical store. Sales reps can showcase the complete product catalog with every configuration online in a real-life-like setting.

6. NFTs are the newest augmented reality idea

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs play a critical role in the world of the metaverse. NFTs in simple terms are digital assets that signify that a person owns certain digital items. These items can range from digital artwork to exclusive games to fantastic avatars, etc. Several NFTs now incorporate augmented reality into them to create a more immersive experience. This is usually done to allow a user to see their owned items as digital objects anywhere in their environment.

NFTs have become a part of AR trends especially after Atari utilized this technology to allow users to view NFT arcade cabinets. Even the fashion company Dolce and Gabbana released a wearable NFT called ‘The impossible Tiara’ which exists only in its digital form and bought by almost 6 million for the company.

7. AR in the Healthcare industry

Using augmented reality ideas in the form of holograms has found applications in a variety of healthcare aspects. Medicine and healthcare allow intricate visualization of the human anatomy allowing easy simulation in the drug discovery process. Also, AR can help medical professionals to monitor patient vitals and clinical reports much more easily than physical data. Mixed reality also allows surgeons to work with unparalleled precision during surgeries of varying complexities.

Have you adopted Augmented reality yet?

Adopting AR is crucial to be competitive and have loyal customers in today’s day and age. Without AR, companies are bound to fail. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you select the best AR VR company. At HelloAR, we’ve helped 100+ companies across domains and geographies with AR.