4 features to enchance 360 auto images

With the changing trends in the visual industries, here we uncover the four new features presented by HelloAR to get quality 360 auto images for your used car products every single time.

With great pride, the HelloAR team is happy to announce the introduction of 4 features that can effectively enhance your 360 auto images, essential for all automotive companies, especially for the used car segment. These services will be crucial in improving the sales and turnover time in the used car industry. 

1. AI-driven Background removal – Get Studio Quality 360 auto Images in seconds

Background removal feature helps you create studio-quality premium car images in seconds. It also helps you reduce the noise and distraction from images thereby improving customer trust.  

Benefits of using HelloAR’s car background removal services for 360 auto:

  1. AI-Driven Technology: Intelligent edits driven by AI help create crisp and high-quality images for your website.

  2. Bulk edit: You can also bulk edit images and update a standard library of professional-looking car images. 

  3. Add background templates: Choose from thousands of pre-built templates in the HelloAR gallery and create a premium gallery.  

  4. Speed: Moreover, our cloud servers work at lightning speed and you can upload and download thousands of images in seconds.

2. Hotspot feature – Maintain transparent communication

The hotspot feature is an automated solution for dealers and wholesalers of used cars. They can use this feature to communicate any vehicle defects as well as notable features of the vehicle to prospective buyers. 

Benefits of using HelloAR’s hotspot feature for used cars:

  1. Enhance the shopping experience by building up buyer’s confidence in the product

  2. Transparent communication of vehicular defects also reduces sharper frustration and product returns. 

  3. Ease of information improves by satisfaction and also maintains brand loyalty. 

3. Android compatible – Technology with no boundaries

HelloAR is now compatible with all Android devices. Thus, now you can access the HelloAR services through any Android device of your choice. 

4. New template – Beautify your used car 360 auto images

Introducing a brand new template made by HelloAR to complement your used car images. This template can also be used as a substitute background in your images or in your 360-degree walkaround videos

Get ready to transform your used car images

With the announcement of these 4 new features by HelloAR, this AR VR platform is set to change the used car industry like never before. These features will play an instrumental role in easing the process of buying used cars as well as improving customer trust towards your used car company.