3D/AR : Use 2D product image to create interactive and seamless 3D/AR product visuals

HelloAR technology is designed to work on an intuitive and efficient do-it-yourself model. Sellers can use their existing 2D product images and easily create seamless, interactive product visuals with the help of HelloAR platform and apps. These interactive visuals can be used on various digital platforms like Amazon, your website, social media.

Our platform helps you display your products such as Rugs, Mats, Frames, Paintings, etc. seamlessly on your floor and walls at your convenience, providing real life experience of your product.

Pre-requisites :

You need to have a .jpg format of your product with the background of your product cropped.
Incase of a .png file, convert it to .jpg and ensure file size is 200-400 kb.

Follow the below steps :

  • Save the above settings and click on ‘Add New Product’.

  • Select ‘Convert image in 3D’

Enter your product name

  • Select the option of Floor or Wall depending on where you wish to place your product.
    Floor for Rugs, Mats, Bed sheets, etc.
    Wall for Paintings, Frames, Wall stickers, etc.

  • Upload the 2D image of your product.

  • Set the width and height of your product as per original dimensions of the product.

Tap on Publish and your 2D product image is ready to view in 3D/AR.

  • For viewing product only in ‘AR’ , tap on Edit Product and select the option of only AR from the Edit Product page.

  • Save the changes and tap on View Live and your product is ready to view in 3D/AR.

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone on the product page to view it in AR.

Now you can embed your 3D/AR model on any platform of your preference. These include your website and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram as well as eCommerce portals such as Amazon, Shopify and Woocommerce.

Follow the links for integration on various platforms

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