360° Catalog – Frequently asked questions

360° catalog are essentially spin image of your products in high resolution.

It works for multiple categories of products like watches, toys, jewellery, cars, where product pictures are the most important.

Would 360° viewer work well on mobile?

Yes absolutely. Check out our sample products on mobile.

Do we need professional photographers?

No. Basic knowledge in photography would be sufficient.

Can you help us with a photoshoot?

We will give you access to you best of photographers.

What equipment do I need for 360° catalogue creation through photography?

You need turntable, clean background or a box studio, android phone or DSLR, good tripod.

How to create pictures with a clean white background?

There are multiple things you could do.

a) Adjust exposure

b) Use sunboard and box studio

c) Adjust your zoom levels

I have 3D models of my products, can I use them instead of a photoshoot?

Yes absolutely. You can render 3D models.

Can you help us create 3D models?

Yes. You can create 3D models from pictures through our design services.

How is 360° interactive spin different from 360° videos?

360° interactive spin as interactive and customers will be more engaged with your product and they can turn and rotate as if it is a physical product.

What is the file type of 360° spin?

360 spin is not of any file format. We use your proprietary software to create a seamless 360 experience.

How do we integrate with our website?

You could easily integrate our solution on your website. We provide Javascript SDK as well as embeddable links.

Can I integrate on my Shopify website or eCommerce website?

Yes. It is quite simple to integrate on Shopify or any e-commerce website. Please reach out if you need any help.

Will it impact our website loading speed?

No. All the content and experience will be directly delivered from our servers and it will be a lazy load.

How do we integrate it on Amazon?

You can download the all the images from HelloAR dashboard. Our zip file is in the amazon recommended format. However, please talk to your category manager to ensure Amazon supports 360 spin for your account.

Will I be able to share 360° content on Facebook/Instagram?

Yes. We auto-generate 360° spin videos for all your products that can be downloaded from your dashboard.

What happens to my content after my subscription expires?

We will never delete any of your content without notice. You can always download the source images.

Your plan says unlimited products, What does it mean?

Unlimited products mean unlimited 🙂

You can create 360°spin for all your products.

I need a free trial to evaluate your product.

 Yes. We do provide a 14-day trial. Go ahead and signup.

How do I create 360° for large products like furniture or cars?

We can either create 3D renders or create large enough physical studio.

HelloAR can help you setup studio and all the software necessary in case you wish to set it up.

Please reach out to us.

How do we measure the effectiveness of 360° spins?

We provide a great amount of analytics. You can track total views, interactions and time spent by your customers. You can track these metrics across your catalog or per product. You could also integrate our analytics APIs to measure conversions.