360° Catalog - Frequently asked questions

360° catalog are essentially spin image of your products in high resolution.

It works for multiple categories of products like watches, toys, jewellery, cars, where product pictures are the most important.

  1. Would 360° viewer work well on mobile?

Yes absolutely. Check out our sample products on mobile.

  1. Do we need professional photographers?

No. Basic knowledge in photography would be sufficient.

  1. Can you help us with a photoshoot?

We will give you access to you best of photographers.

  1. What equipment do I need for 360° catalogue creation through photography?

You need turntable, clean background or a box studio, android phone or DSLR, good tripod.

  1. How to create pictures with a clean white background?

- There are multiple things you could do.

a) Adjust exposure

b) Use sunboard and box studio

c) Adjust your zoom levels